The Uralikan Palloliitto (Engl. Uralican Football Federation, Russ. Ураликский Футболский Союз) is the governing body of football (soccer) in Uralica, with its headquarters situated in the Syktyvkar suburb of Ezhva. Its current head is President Hungarian Attila Farkas, although Jarkko Salomäki held the then-ceremonial office of President (this was scrapped in 2009) and still attends all board meetings due to his status as co-owner of Sikkivukarin Palloseura. It was founded 20 March 2008.

It is known in abbreviations as the UPL. It runs the Uralican Football League and Kanslerinkilpi yearly tournaments, and also the Uralican men's national football team.

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