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Kuros Edit


National Flag
Ubi concordia, ibi victoria
Capital City kuros
Official Language(s) English
Established 5/5/2007
(3,207 days old)
Alliance Imuflag
[[Imperial Military Union]]
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 1/10/2007
Total population 58,238
 40,628 civilians
 17,610 soldiers
Literacy Rate 97.94%%
Religion Confucianism Confucianism
Currency Currency Yen Yen
Infrastructure 3,602.14
Technology 332.61
Nation Strength 23,550.896
Nation Rank 3,136 of 7,792 (40.25%)
Total Area 1,961.783 Earth icon
Native Resources Gems Oil
Connected Resources Cattle Fish Gold Lumber Marble Rubber Wheat Pigs
[[category:Member of Imperial Military Union|Kuros]]

Kuros has been arround CN for some time now, having a couple of nations here or there after being ZI'd in GWIII, He has mainly been in the Imperial Military Union And has slowly worked his position from general member up to head of finance. He has had a lot of trouble throughout this time, but he has trimphed, and overcome these troubles. He started off as a general member, but was soon promoted to Minister of Foriegn Affars, by Ogodai, the old alliance member. After doing a good job in this, he was moved to the Internal councel, to help out with general recruiting.

This went on for a couple of weeks, but then the alliance swapped leadership, with ogodai going rouge, and Lord Thor taking over as alliance leader. Kuros was then moved to the finance department at this time, which was being led by count von lewenhaupt. This went well.. until Lewen found out that he could not work with any of the old members anymore, so he went to another alliance. Kuros was then premoted to the Position of head of finance. He has been busy since then, building up the bank nations, while getting himself to bank nation infra levels. He organsised the aid during GWIV, and put some effort into soting it out. He is still in the Imperial Milirary Union, and he doesn't have any plans to change. He was recently given a 10x pay wage increase, which now means he in payed 10x nothing, which equals nothing

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