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January 20, 2010
United lordship
Government Type Federal Government Federal Government
Ruler Paulstartrek
Alliance Nadc newflag2
North Atlantic Defense Coalition
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of 20 Jan 2010
Total population 79,464
 59,457 civilians
 20,007 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Infrastructure 6,709.99
Technology 2,350.15
Nation Strength 39,100.549
Nation Rank 4,844 of 7,792 (62.17%)
Total Area 1,828.911 Earth icon
Native Resources Lumber Gems
Connected Resources Aluminum Silver Coal Fish Gold Iron Lead Uranium Wine
Bonus Resources Affluent Jewelry Steel Scholar

Nation Information Edit

United Lordship is a large sized, well developed, and ancient nation at 1068 days old with citizens primarily of Russian ethnicity whose religion is Christianity. Its technology is first rate and its citizens marvel at the astonishing advancements within their nation. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes and many despise their government as a result. The citizens of United Lordship work diligently to produce Gems and Lumber as tradable resources for their nation. It is a mostly neutral country when it comes to foreign affairs. It will usually only attack another nation if attacked first. It believes nuclear weapons are necessary for the security of its people. The military of United Lordship has been positioned at all border crossings and is arresting all drug traffickers. United Lordship allows its citizens to protest their government but uses a strong police force to monitor things and arrest lawbreakers. It has an open border policy, but in order for immigrants to remain in the country they will have to become citizens first. United Lordship believes in the freedom of speech and feels that it is every citizen's right to speak freely about their government. The government gives foreign aid when it can, but looks to take care of its own people first. United Lordship will not make deals with another country that has a history of inhuman treatment of its citizens.


Positions Held
Nadc newflag2
NADC Member
December 19, 2007 to Present
Nadc unread
Nadc newflag2
Assembly Member
February 21, 2007 to Present
Nadc assemblysealsmall
Nadc newflag2
Department of Defense
Jan ? , 2008 to present
Nadc newflag2
Deputy Military Operations Commander
Jan 10 , 2010 to January 2011
Nadc newflag2
Military Operations Commander
July 2010, September 2010

Due to time limitations in September 2010 notified the Secetary General of my intention to step back. Due to further limitations decided to retire from government in Januari 2011 following the example of then Military Operations Commander tony2456


Medals Earned
Nadc newflag2
Award for academic Excellence
??, 2008

For demonstration an appreciation and a mastery of education by successfully passing at least three CIAT courses.

Nadc newflag2
Badge of the Benefactor
??, 2009

For showing great generosity to the North Atlantic Defense Coalition and her members by donating substantial amounts of real world money to her cause with no expectation of a reward.

Nadc newflag2
Lifetime Achievement Award
08, 2010

Awarded for selfless, dedicated and dependable service to the Coalition over an extended period of time.

Nadc newflag2
Medal of Sacrifice
07, 2010

For persevering in the wake of a nuclear attacks. This medal is awarded once per nuclear attack per hostile nation.

Nadc foreign seal2
Nadc newflag2
Distinguished Service Medallion
08, 2010

For showing bravery, courage, and perseverance in times of war, and/or going above and beyond the call of duty in military duties for the defense of the Coalition and its members.

Nadc newflag2
Adjuvare Cross
08, 2010

For providing vast amounts of aid to those in need without regard for personal welfare, reward, or public recognition.

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