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September 16, 2007
"Suffer not the alien to live! I Love this band! They are the best band EVER, PERIOD! TENACIOUS D!"
Capital City Dulkuss
Established 5/9/2007 11:01:20 AM
(3,202 days old)
Government Type Totalitarian State Totalitarian State
Ruler Renegadefalls
Alliance Mantis Warriors
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Total population 8,007
 5,229 civilians
 2,777 soldiers
Literacy Rate 42%%
Religion Norse Norse
Infrastructure 512.68
Technology 68.44
Nation Strength 3,566.118
Nation Rank 16,298 of 7,792 (209.16%)
Total Area 308.791 Earth icon
Native Resources Marble, and Sugar
Connected Resources Coal, Cattle, Fish, Gems, Iron, Lead, Marble, Pigs, Spices, Sugar, Gold, and Wheat


Chapter Master of Mantis Warriors alliance. Swansea City FC and Tenacious D fan. Sonic game lover (but Tails is the best)! Welsh Speaker and proud Welshman.

War History Edit

Last major war was against a rouge faking a NpO member. Thankfully with help from UMC (nyce and his troops) and others who were being attaked by the rougue (Byorax and Bandaloon) we defeated the rougue and managed to win more back than we lost in the first place.

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