V The King is the ruler of the nation of Viniland, who joined the Cyberverse in May the first, 2007.

V served as ambassador and later on as a Minister of Internal Affairs for the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense (GOLD), the alliance which he joined in his second day. On July 14, V The King resigned his MoIA and membership positions and in the same day joined \m/.

While in \m/, he served as the Commander of the Cadet Division and was the Acade\m/y Director until 9/19/2007, when \m/ disbanded as a Cyber Nations Alliance. TOP became V's new home, and nowadays, he serves as the alliance's Grand Treasurer.

He also participated as a Yellow Number 5 enforcer while in GOLD and fought in the FAN-WUT War, the Legion-Valhalla War and the Unjust War as a \m/ember. V fought in the Continuum-GPA War as a Paradoxian.

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