Vael Villaverde
Office Writer, President of the Vaccean Humanitarian party (HP)
Date of Birth 5 October, 1943
Place of Birth Disputed
Political Party Humanitarian Party

Vael is the president of Vaccea, as president, he focuses on the wellbeing of the Vaccean peoples.

His current residence is Nivaria.

Outside his country, he has an active role in the ICP.

Biography Edit

The early years of Vael Villaverde are disputed. There is only consensus in his proletarian origins, born in a mostly analphabet lower class family.

As a rebellious inquisitive youngster he made his first contacts with the communist and socialist ideas at an early age, causing a great impact on him.

The other great influence of his youth was the history, discovering the existence of ancient working communist civilizations, specially the Vacceans, definitively changed his vision of the world.

He tried the writing as a way of life, and while his books weren’t ever bestsellers, they do illuminated some peoples that called themselves Vacceans in a joyous way.

The exile however reached Vael and his subversion, forcing him to leave his original country and some of the most active “Vacceans”, that established a commune-like society in a cheap terrain that they built themselves in the real Vaccean way.

The idea of an independent country following these ideals soon flourished and Vael was made president. Since then, the settlement prospered at an adequate rate.

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