National Flag
Kill them all, let the Almighty ADmin sort them out!
Capital City Trakai
Official Language(s) Lithuanian
Established Classified
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Alliance Protectorate of Curland
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Total population 7,977 people
 Classified civilians
 Classified soldiers
Literacy Rate Literacy Rate%
Religion Norse Norse
Currency Currency Dong Dong
Infrastructure Classified
Technology Classified
Nation Strength Classified
Nation Rank 6,825 of 5,242 (130.2%)
Total Area More than yours!
Native Resources Lead and Marble
Connected Resources Classified

Nation Information Edit

The kingdom of Vitland is ruled by King Vitauts the Great and it is a member of the Protectorate of Curland.

Formed from a core of barbarian marauders, Vitland has grown in to a force in World politics, being the leader of the Protectorate and having participated in several wars, most notably the Aqua War, the St. Patrick's war and the recent GW III

Vitland is still considered a small nation, having less than 5000 Nation strength. This is due to the warrior culture of the nation and all of its population that expects at least one victory by anarchy per day. This constant warfare has greatly slowed the growth of the nation, and resulted in way over 50,000 military casualties, but it has certainly kept its citizens happy.

However, the King has grown tired of living in tents, and wanting to live in a decent stone castle has decided to stop warring and build instead. Any and all citizens unhappy with the lack of wars are rounded up and impressed into forced labor under the lash... So in the end both the King and the small remaining population ended up quite happy.

Vitland is no more. After 20 days of tax free living, the nation fell into disrepair and sunk deep in the North Atlantic on January 29. RIP


King Vitauts the Great!

King of a small band of barbaric marauders, quickly learned, by suffering hideous losses under the hand of Dr. Maximus Awesomeo the importance of technology and modern weapons.

He, unlike others, was able to retain the martial culture of the original tribe and marry it to modern combat weaponry, mostly by keeping a caste system of 'techs' and warriors.

The Kingdom of Vitland was nearly wiped out by the forces of the PSL (may their glory last forever!) but quickly recovered in order to enter GW III to fight alongside Nordreich.

The Kingdom of Vitland grew rapidly, assimilating various defeated warrior cultures, creating a mini-empire, and maintained an average of 1 anarchy per day until the end of GW III, it has concentrated on growth since.