Nation Name: Vogelenzangland Ruler: FeyNickRooz

Last Donation: No donations on record.  

Last Activity: 9/10/2007 2:01:33 PM National Flag:

Alliance Affiliation: FOK     

About Vogelenzangland: Every religion can prosper in our country.

Government Type: Democracy (Next Available Change 9/9/2007) 

Your people approve of this form of government but the majority of your people would prefer something else. They do not desire a permanent government but instead prefer something more temporary.

National Religion: Mixed (Next Available Change 9/9/2007) 

Your people approve of this national religion but the majority of your people would prefer something else. They desire a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ as embodied in the New Testament.

Nation Team:  - Orange - Team Information Panel  

Nation Created: 9/9/2007 9:02:16 AM (1 days old)

Technology:  0.00  
Infrastructure: 1.00   
Tax Rate: 20%  

Area of Influence: 0.812 mile diameter. 0.000 from purchases/sales/gains, 0.812 from natural growth.

War/Peace Preference:  Vogelenzangland is a peaceful nation. War is not an option.  
My Resources:   

Connected Resources:

Bonus Resources: None  
Improvements: No improvements purchased.  
National Wonders:  No national wonders.  
Environment:  4.00  

Senate Votes: 0 Votes _:. Military Information Nation Rank: Ranked #30,449 of 31,781 Nations (95.8%)

Nation Strength: 7.100  
Efficiency: 7.10  
DEFCON Level:   
Number of Soldiers: 44  
 Deployed Soldiers: 
 Defending Soldiers: 
Number of Tanks: 0  
 Deployed Tanks: 
 Defending Tanks: 
Aircraft: 0  
Number of Cruise Missiles: 0  
Number of Nuclear Weapons: 0  

Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars. 0 Attacking + 0 Defending = 0 Casualties _:. Population Information Total Population: 120 Supporters Primary Ethnic Group: Dutch

Population Happiness:  4.40  

Population Per Mile: 148.13 Population Per Mile.

 Military Personnel: 
44 Soldiers  

76 Working Citizens Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day: $39.33 (An average economy) Avg. Individual Income Taxes Paid Per Day $7.87 Avg. Net Daily Population Income (After Taxes) $31.46 _:. Government Financial Current Euros Available: $1,016.00 (Surplus)

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