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Vuong's International Corporation
PredecessorVuong's International Corporation (old)
FoundedRiverside, JBR
January 6th, 2011
HeadquartersJBR City, United States of JBR
Number of locations1,038 hotels; 35 factories; 6 publishing houses, 213 farms (Oct 2012)
Area servedUnited States of JBR, Bobogoobo, Soviet Union Kingdom, The United Nations, NeoRomaAmerica, nukem, Vultopia, Romiosin, Union of Midway, ADude, Caius Alexandrian; New Pacific Order, Red Dawn alliances
Key peopleJustin Vuong
IndustryMulti-industry; mostly hospitality
ProductsHotels, motels, books, magazines, video games, clothing & accessories, food products
Production outputVaries
Revenue $900 million (Oct 2012)
Operating income $650 million (Oct 2012)
Net income $423 million (Oct 2012)
Total assets $425 million Oct 2012)
Total equity $40 million (Oct 2012)
Owner(s)Justin Vuong
Employees approx. 41,500 (Oct 2012)
DivisionsVuong's Int'l Hotel Corporation, Vuong's Publications Inc. , Vuong's Appeals Inc., BoggleMind Ltd., Tasty Products Ltd.
SubsidiariesUnited States of JBR Department of Tourism

The Vuong's International Corporation (also referred as Vuong's Int'l Corp.) is a JBRican multinational corporation that runs a chain of upscale hotels along with publication companies, video games, clothing, and food products. The largest company in the United States of JBR, it serves several countries worldwide and a major economic power in JBR. It is headquartered in JBR City and is the present incarnation of the former company with the same name and founder. It was founded by the JBRican president, Justin Vuong and serves as a part-time Chief Executive Officer along with holding chairman status. The company has over 1,500 properties worldwide although it is mostly successful in the United States of JBR alone. The company was upgraded from the former corporation which is the reason why the company has began off with an abundance of locations.


The Vuong's International Corporation was founded on January 6, 2011 by President Vuong. It was the incaranation of the previous Vuong's International Corporation which ran up until Vuong's involvement with the Victorian Republic government. After his departure, the company filed bankruptcy despite being highly successful and merged into the United States of JBR Department of Tourism. After a few years, Vuong decided to reincorporate his business and finance skills to reopen the hotels. He also created several divisions for publishing, clothing, video games, and fresh produce. The Department of Tourism also became a subsidiary of the company and became more of an agency than a department.

Vuong's Int'l HotelsEdit

The Vuong's Int'l Hotels Corporation is the main and original form of business of the entire company. The division is in charge of upkeep and production of the Vuong's Hotels and holds a 14,000 strong base of employees. There are 1,021 hotels throughout the world and all are divided into "types" which are the various brands of the division.

Resort and SpaEdit

The Resort and Spa hotels are the original hotels and are considerably upscale. Each hotel has at least 500 staterooms including 40 suites and 5 pools. There is a spa facility and usually 3 restaurants. Some hotels have additional features including a marketplace and daycare center. Few have ballrooms and entertainment sections for the guests' enjoyment. These hotels are the most common forms of Vuong's Hotels.

Winter PalaceEdit

Winter Palace hotels are exclusively found in snowy and cold regions and often are considered ski resorts. Each hotel have at least 450 staterooms including 35 suites and 2 pools. They are always located within 10 miles from a skiing site and each hotel has a sauna facility. Some hotels own the skiing sites and often hosts winter sport competitions and there is usually a restaurant located in the hotel. The Winter Palace hotels are generally a mix of an upscale and old-fashioned ski resort.


Cityscape hotels are found only in the urbanized areas and often are smaller than usual. At most, each hotel has 1,000 staterooms and 100 suites along with 4 indoor pools. A restaurant, spa, bar, and gym are commonly found in these hotels and it is not an uncommon sight to see a pet hotel next to it (Vuong's Pet Hotels). There is always a shop in the hotels and a large garden situated indoors is always found in the center of the main building complex.


Oceanside hotels are the most popular forms of Vuong's Hotel and overlook the ocean. It is similar to the Resort and Spa brand except Oceanside also provides surfing service and an internet café is found in the hotel's marketplace. There is also an arcade and bar in the hotel and some feature a members-only exclusive room where guests can chat and meet up with each other.

Grand SuitesEdit

Grand Suites are hotels that are usually reserved for guests who plan on staying in the location for an extended time of over 3 months and pay rent instead of a payment (every month, they must pay an amount of cash instead of paying for every night they stay). Grand Suites are styled after upscale apartments which gives guests a home-like environment. The hotels have at least 200 rooms and numerous features that are not usually found in a normal home. Grand Suites are only found in the city and commonly found across the street from Cityscape hotels. The two hotels are frequently operated and run by the same manager.

Resort, Casino, and SpaEdit

This form of hotel is only found in three locations: Las Vegas, Temecula, and JBR City. These hotels all have 8,000 staterooms with an additional 800 suites and 10 pools along with various poolside features such as a water slide, a makeshift wave pool, rides, and a large circular river that flows slowly around; carrying guests around an island of cabanas or tents that guests can rent to relax. Tanning booths are also found here and large casinos are found in each hotel. Shows and restaurants are found in each hotel and each hotel stands about 45 stories high.

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