Anna cursed. Why did Korey have to be in another country right now. A guard walked up to her.

"Comrade Anna. A GATO member, the Hawaiian Islands is a GATO member that had the best ratio of success for our Troops."

"Very well. Declare war launch the Taepodong Missles! Then attack with 3 squads of the Oda Nobunaga Division. Send them a few tanks too but this will be a hit and run. Capture the city of Owwqa if possable." Anna Commanded.


The first acts of war were 2 Taepodong Missles being launched in to the capital of Honolulu. The Damage was massive and the Taepodongs hit their targets perfectlly.

Next the ground Forces attacked. The Oda Nobunaga Division was sent into the battle.

At first the battle did not go as expected. Sakhalin forces only captured half of the city and attempts at capturing the other half failed.

However the second attack was more fruitful and the rest of the city was liberated from Imperialist forces.

But the war had just started.

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