Warsaw Pact Edit

Warsaw Pact seal

Seal of the Warsaw Pact

History Edit

The Warsaw Pact was a nine member imperialistic Stalinist alliance which existed for about a week until going to war with the NPO and requesting deletion.

War of the Words Edit

The Warsaw Pact was formed at the same time as Der Fuhrer's fascist Axis alliance and began a Cold War-type period lasting from the beginning to the end of it's dissolution. Several proxy wars accured during this period including the war with the nations Niggaland and NAZI which later came under the protection of the AEF and the Axis. The Warsaw Pact also engaged the nation Hobotopia in the defense of communism when it attacked a communist state without reason.

Escalation and Axis Militerisation Edit

When an embarassing PM was revieled showing the leader of the WP attempting to gain support from a rogue fraction in exchange for a mutual offensive towards the NPO and clear intentions to go to war with the Axis, Der Fuhrer and his alliance began building their armies up. The OIN intervened and initiated peace talks. After several days of pressure the WP gave in and signed an NAP with the Axis.

Fall Edit

When the NPO leader Ivan Moldavi was nuked by a rogue several communist nations praised the bombing including the leader of the WP. The NPO attacked each one including his nation. After a firey exchange the leader of the Warsaw Pact threw all his forces at the NPO and any member registered on the forum requested deletion and fled.

Legacy Edit

To some the Warsaw Pact was a joke and to others it was a martyr and many found themselves questioning the integrity of the NPO. The Warsaw Pact was featured in Volume 1 of the LUEspaper.

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