We Shall Persevere is the national anthem of Weasaliastanica, written entirely by Jack T. Squidgetur, the vice president of the 2,135,935th president of Weasaliastanica shortly before both were assassinated on January 13th, 1847.

Information Edit

We Shall Persevere is initially a pessimistic song about the decay of the world, but ends with an optimistic outcome about Weasaliastanica's place as a survivor and a peacemaker. The anthem is generally performed either as a solely vocal version with its tempo being that of the reciter's preference or a solely instrumental version with a slow beginning and a lively end. It is often considered as an insult to play it as both, as some of the vice president's last words requested that they remain separate.

The Anthem Edit

The world we know is slowly fading,

Nothing but dust and rubble will remain.

And soon the Reaper will get to reaping,

And most life will abstain.

Buried beneath brick, steel, and sand,

What little hope will seem like a far-off dream.

But with a mighty shout and a determined hand,

We will shove wider that little seam.

From depths of woe, we arise

To stand amidst the ruins war has lain.

But perseverence will make it a paradise,

And only peace is what will remain.

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