This war was fought between the clan of Whippany Park United and the nation of Corey Land.

Corey Land declared war on Ville de Calc and proceeded to throw him into anarchy. Magnificentopia then joined the battle by sending 50 soldiers to Ville de Calc. This, however, caused Turaga Dome's county to go into anarchy. Agoradanoc then joined the battle by selflessly throwing itself at Corey Land, causing itself to fall into anarchy. Domain of Rawr and Backpooned Empire then gave Ville de Calc monetary aid and Puuland declared war on Corey Land, killing many soldiers. Corey Land then agreed to peace.

However, after urging by Turaga Dome of Magnificentopia, Ville de Calc declared war on Corey Land in order to gain reparations for the first war. Puuland continued to harass Corey Land and has recently agreed to peace on the event of a 2K reparations payment from Corey Land. (Corey Land is begging Puuland for peace, very pathetically...)

Foreign Aid SentEdit

Magnificentopia --> Ville de Calc :: 50 soldiers

Domain of Rawr --> Ville de Calc :: $2,129

Backpooned Empire --> Ville de Calc :: $2,000


Corey Land—vs--

Whippany Park United

~ Ville de Calc

~ Puuland

~ Agoradanoc

~ Magnificentopia

~ Backpooned Empire

~ Domain of Rawr

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