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Everfree Union

Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

Los Pollos Hermanos
Flag of Los Pollos Hermanos

Flag of MI6

New Sith Order

Nusantara Elite Warriors
Flag of the Nusantara Elite Warriors

The Phoenix Federation

Siberian Tiger Alliance
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

Flag of Shangri-La

United Equestria
UE flag med

United Republic of Nations

We Are Perth Army

Wolf Pack RED

Brotherhood of Kings

Under Twenty Alliances


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The white team is one of 13 colored teams on Planet Bob, and is home to twenty-two alliances, thirteen of which have more than twenty members. \m/ was the first sanctioned alliance to ever exist on the white team. It lost that status when it disbanded on September 19, 2007. Since \m/ achieved sanction, only four alliances on the white team have followed its footsteps. The Coalition of Defensive States was the first to receive sanction status after \m/, Atlantis was the second, followed by The Phoenix Federation, and finally The Order of Light. Currently, the white team has no sanctioned alliances.

Alliances Edit

As of April 22, 2014, these alliances currently exist on the white sphere. Along with unaligned nations, the sphere totals 773 nations, over 30 million nation strength and a team score of 125.40.

Alliance Affiliation Founded Alliance Score
Alliance Affiliation Founded Alliance Score
TPFflag The Phoenix Federation (TPF) June 4, 2007 22.15
NSOWhite New Sith Order (NSO) March 5, 2009 17.65
Flag of the Nusantara Elite Warriors Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW) February 12, 2006 14.98
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance Siberian Tiger Alliance (STA) January 22, 2007 14.20
Flag of MI6 MI6 April 15, 2013 11.57
Fearflag Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics (FEAR) February 27, 2007 11.06
WAPA2 We Are Perth Army (WAPA) October 23, 2006 8.59
Wolf Pack RED Wolfpack (WP) February 27th, 2007 7.71
Kaskus new flag Kaskus (K) July 15, 2011 5.18
Flag of Los Pollos Hermanos Los Pollos Hermanos (LPH) April 26, 2013 4.65
Flag of Shangri-La Shangri-La (SL) October 12, 2012 4.50
Purplestandard Brotherhood of Kings (BOK) April 22, 2014 0.11

White Team alliances with less than 20 members.

Updated April 25, 2014

Senators Edit

Those who have served on the White Team Senate are listed below.

Current Senators: As of September 5th, 2013:

Notable Rulers Edit

Some rulers had a major impact on the events on the White team:

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Significant White Team Alliances
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