Flag Flag is still being voted on by members of parliament
Motto "The Time to rise is now"
Capital Xetofori
Formation May 21, 2007
Alliance Affiliation World Task Force
Nation Team Blue
Official Languages English
Government Dictatorship
Nation Founder Kyle Witvoet
Religion Christianity
Currency Dollar
Statistics as of 07/26/2007
Infrastructure 403.61
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Tax Rate 25%
Tot. Area 218.345 miles diameter
National Strength 2,092.397
Nation Rank #20,160 of 35,514 nations
Rank within Alliance #150 of 184 alliance nations
Tot. Population 4,784 Total
3,378 Citizens
1,406 Military Personel
Gross Income $80.58
Natl. Resources Oil, Lumber

The HistoryEdit

After the the robot uprising of 2079 and their invetible attempt at the complete and utter destruction of all Human life, the world as we knew it was left in a state of fear, panic, and an uncertain future. That was until One Man with a vision, of what would be, Came to power, His name was Kyle Witvoet.His speeches were so powerful that he even convinced a group of his most loyal followers to commit suicide to prove their loyalty and to show his absolute power but then the unthinkable happened. At the hight of his countries power an alein species whom Kyle had made enemys of in the past had launched an invasion of earth Uniting all the forces of earth under his banner he managed to ward off the alein attackers for a couple of years, but the entire defence had been in vein. With his forces dwindling Kyle Launched a last attempt at bringing the invaders down but all was for not, he and the world had lost. Knowing his forces would not last the night,Kyle and his most trusted advisers including fellow leader Synesi had themselves cryogenicolly frozen and hidden for they knew they would be needed in the future. Millenia past before they were reawakened and they found themselves in a world unfamiler and strange but they knew they would need to gain power yet again in the casethat the alein threat reamerged.. and that they did.

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