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Wonderful Intelligence and Nonaggression Entreaty. (W.I.N.E.) LOSS & GATOEdit

One of the most loved drinks in the whole world is WINE without a doubt. (and if you have one, stay quiet). And one of the oldest kinds of WINEs is the GATO WINE, long made with love in France. Now, LOSS decided to take a lovely vacation to France and see the sights. The Eiffel Tower, and many other sites were breath-taking, but what really took the LOSS by surprise was the tastyness and amazingly delicious tangy flavor of the GATO WINE. We decided we needed to take the GATO WINE and run, with 20 or so bottles to last us awhile. So, we got drunk with GATO and came up with this treaty with the tastiest wine in the World:

Verbum pro TotoEdit

All parties involved in this treaty are to remain sovereign and shall not be goverened by the other party. They shall remain seperate unless stated in another treaty.


The main purpose of this treaty is to show friendship and good relations with the other party. Breaches of this treaty shall have no material consequences but shall however been seen as a breach of friendship and togetherness of these two alliances.

Lex IEdit

Pacem: Both nations agree not to attack, or commit any actions of espionage on the other party. Such actions are regarded as a breach of treaty.

Lex IIEdit

Conscientia: Both parties shall agree to share all information of worth to both. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way that benifits any party, signed or not. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of treaty.

Lex IIIEdit

Oblittero: To cancel this treaty at any time, all action that needs to be taken is to post a thread on the other party's forums and get acknowledgement from the other party. In the event that 24 hours pass from the posting of said thread without aknowledgement of the cancellation, the treaty shall be canceled automatically without aknowlgement being needed.


Signed for LOSS:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs for LOSS and Ambassador between LOSS and GATO: Supremicist
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Drugsup
  • Consul of LOSS: Nidhogg of Hellas

Signed for GATO:

  • Assembly Chairman: Letum
  • Minister of Defense: Beryl

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