Woodrow Kissinger

In office
January 1, 1982 – June 16, 1985
President Josef Mercton
Succeeded by Jack Bauer

Born December 19, 1955(1955-12-19)
Died June 16, 1985(1985-06-16) (aged 29)
Endor Cuidad, J Andres
Political party Nationalist
Spouse Mary Kissinger
Profession Military commander
Religion Toaism

Woodrow Kissinger was the first Minister of War and Defense for the nation of J Andres. Before Josef Mercton rose to power, Kissinger was a commander of the Rhode Island Maritime Colony. Kissinger was also a brilliant strategist and was an advisor during Mercton's early days, especially during the Initiation War. After the Commune was restored to power, more responsibility was given to Woodrow Kissinger, although he had to report to the Commune more.


Insignia of Woodrow Kissinger Air Force Base, named in his honor after death.

Kissinger died on June 16, 1985 in a terrorist bombing of a government building by the National Liberation Army. Jack Bauer was appointed as his replacement. Woodrow Kissinger Air Force Base was named in his honor, shortly after his death.