Woodrow Kissinger Air Force Base
Insignia of the Air Force Base
Nation J Andres
Location Quonset Point
Area 7 square miles
Population 1,200
Woodrow Kissinger Air Force Base is the most major Air Force Base in J Andres. It was established in September of 1985, shortly after the death of Woodrow Kissinger, the first Minsiter of War and Defense, who died in a terrorist bombing on June 16, 1985. The air force base was named after him in his honor. At the time, the nation owned a full fleet of aircraft, and the base also served as a home to the J Andres Space Agency in cooperation with JTech.

When the base was first formed, it was located near the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. After the collapse of J Andres and the reformation, the base fell outside of the new J Andres Borders. As such the base was relocated to its new location at Quonset Point.