Woonsocket-Class Destroyer
Class Overview
Operators J Andres
Ships in Class 5
Active Ships 5
Class Commissioned 1995
Class Retired Incumbent Class of Destroyers
Length 500 ft
Propulsion 4 JIM2200-70 Gas Turbines
Speed 32 knots
Range 4500 nautical miles at 20 knots
Compliment 20 officers, 300 men
Armament 20 BKWR-47 Vertical Launch System Tubes, totaling 100 missiles
6 BKWR-29 Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers, totaling 24 missiles
900 x 155mm total
Anchorhead Sea-to-Land Missiles
HMM-80 Mines
Capable of launching nuclear warheads
Aircraft Compliment 2 RDC35 Helicopters
Woonsocket, Rossingol, Pawtucket, Atlantic City, Saint Saccarine