The World Organization for Liberation/Freedom (WOLF) was started for the protection of nations all sized. WOLF was created to provide protection, not to dominate the Cyberverse.

Governed by a Council of Seven, WOLF has plenty of fail/safes to prevent any mistaken actions. Headed by a President, Prime Minister, and the Cabinet: Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, Secretary of Internal Affairs, and Secretary of Recruitment. Every member nation of this alliance is also in the Congress which votes on a lot of alliance issues.

WOLF currently boasts great financial aid packages, as it is a new yet small alliance. Though it may sit dormant now, WOLF is being hand picked by their creator. The first entire council is being exclusively selected to make WOLF the best in it's age group.

Interested in joining? See our forums. And beware, WOLF is a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened.

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