Preceding the war, a former member of the Libertarian Socialist Federation went nuclear rogue and attacked members of Nueva Vida and Norden Verein. Despite the rogue not being a member of the LSF, NoV and NV decided it would be only right to demand ridiculous amounts of reparations from the LSF membership. They had also used a spy to capture screenshots of the Delegates Council topic on this issue, and had used it to claim that the LSF had "supported" and "encouraged" the rogue attacks, when in fact they were unaware of the seriousness of the would-be rogue.

On 2nd October 2007, NoV, along with her allies, declared war on the LSF. A day earlier, Xánténia had resigned from the OIN, with unanimous democratic support to rejoin the LSF and fight alongside her old comrades. The war is still ongoing, and is already the most costly war the workers' state of Xánténia has ever faced.

Xánténia however has made her intentions clear that she is not willing to vote for the disbandment of the LSF if the choice ever arose.


Xánténia - Boerlandia Conflict (2nd Oct. 2007 - )Edit

Xánténia - Jubalii Conflict (2nd Oct. 2007 - )Edit

Xánténia - Aethiopian Empire Conflict (2nd Oct. 2007 - )Edit

Xánténia - Multiuso Conflict (2nd Oct. 2007 - )Edit

Post war situationEdit

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