Cho Chang Tank
Service Information
Type Main Battle Tank
Used by Federalandia
Production History
Designer Federal Defence Industries
Manufacturer United Defense Industries
Weight 68 Tons
Length Hull: 10 Meters Gun Length: 9 Meters
Width 4 Meters
Height 2.3 Meters
Crew 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)
Armor Chobham, DU, RHA
Primary Armament TG-1 120mm Tank Gun
Secondary Armament M2 .50 cal BMG,
Defense Systems Reactive Armor, ATDS Interceptor System,
Engine TE-1 3000 hp Turbine Engine
Range 600 Miles
Speed Road: 74 MPH, Off-road: 60 MPH


The XMBT-1 Program is a joint military project to create a new Main Battle Tank to replace the M1 Abrams by the USNA Army and the USNA Marine Corps. Even though only several prototypes have been created and it will still take a long time to get into full production the XMBT-1 is clearly superior to the Abrams in all categories (especially defense). It is estimated that the tank will be ready for production in 2009. The USNA Army plans to purchase up to 10,000 XMBT-1s and move all existing M1 Abrams (which aren't really obsolete yet) into an expanded Army reserve and National Guard. The Marine Corps only plans to purchase around 1,000 XMBT-1s due to the fact that it does not require large armored forces.

Design FeaturesEdit


The XMBT-1s 120mm Main Cannon is interchangeable between rifled or smooth bore for varying situations. It takes roughly 20 minutes to change barrels. While it's secondary armament is only a .50 caliber machine gun tests are being conducted to put on the ICV-1's secondary 20mm cannon turret on the tank.


The XMBT-1 has a couple of normal and active defense systems. It's main defense is its armor which is varying in thickness but it's composition is much different from traditional steel or chobham armor. While it's outer layer is a newer version of chobham armor it's main layer is a new ultra dense composition of various ceramics, depleted uranium, and titanium. Tests conducted with RPG-7s & AT-4s reveal that the RPG-7 barely passes the thin chobham armor layer but does nothing to the main armor. The AT-4 on the other hand did slight damage to the armor. Tests done with above penetration projectiles reveal that purpose made anti-tank weapons will penetrate the thin top armor but it can take up to a 105mm artillery round albeit with somewhat severe damage to the armor but protecting the crew. It's active defense is the ATDS which has been proven to be a successful interception system although it's durability is below standards.

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