Origins Edit

The nation of Xenn was founded by a pack of rabid hobos looking for a new place to mine for cheese. When a lack of cheese was discovered they decided to release their pet kangaroos to hunt the Dodo infestation that was eating their water crops. However, when the kangaroos were found to be smuggling crack cocaine in their pouches The hobos raised the income taxes in order to starve them to death. Little did they know that raising the taxes to a staggering 30% was a brilliant political move and the subsequent influx of cash soon made Xenn the largest nation infesting the festering armpit of Bob. In the end, however, the great kangaroo rebellion of 2008 was a bloody and delicious war. The Kangaroos, fat on Dodos, and high on crack, overwhelmed the hobos defensive positions and ran them back into the mountains. It was there that the great cheese depository was found and with their stomaches full and their gas rotten, they took back their lands from the infidels.

Where Xenn will go now, only jeebus himself knows.

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