The nation of Xythania

Xythania Tank

is located on the continent of Australia, it is a state built on the principles of it's founder Xythan. Those principles are grounded in the middle-class upbringing of its leader, that hard work, honesty and determination can create a society where the fundamentals are freely given by the Government to all the population, those being Health, Education and basic necessities.

By supplying the population with these basics we are able to keep the poverty line above desperate levels and crime is almost obsolete. From there on there is a semi-free market stance on commodities so as to compete with the Capitalist nations, but there is a cap on personal ownership. Therefore many large Government regulated Corporations exist but must follow the stringent rules or face charges leading to their Nationalisation and subsequent redistribution into the resource pool.

The people are unified in the belief of a common standard of living, this enables a higher rate of happiness than those who would suppress the masses in order to create profit and/or war machines.

Research and Development are highly secretive industries, yet they must share any technological advances within the year so discoveries are of high return as the companies are driven to stay well ahead of the competition. Patents are unheard of excepting the one year technology buffer and as such this has also led to a massive industry of "Technology Re-Combination" firms. Basically firms that filter through the secret files of companies looking for two or more companies to facilitate the "pairing up" of technologies that may have exponential properties. This is in place in order to ensure rapid development of new ideas.

These firms are in close operation with the "Nationalised University Initiative", the state-funded Universities program for the integrated but still competitive Scientific community.

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