In late March 2006, Yaridovich saw a link to a site called Cybernations. He signed up and instantly became an active member in the offsite LUE forums. He was a "Minister without Portfolio" for the first election term which means he couldn't do any official shit. He just hung around the Ministry board giving out his opinion when needed.

In late April, GoodKingChinaman resigned as a Co-Leader, and Yaridovich took his spot. His first move was to send someone thought to be spying on the LUEnited Nations a PM consisting of 80 lines that said "nigger nigger nigger nigger". He was critized for this, and changed his name to Yaridovichard M. Nixon to reflect his fuckup. He kept the name until the end of his time in CN.

In the middle of May, fellow Co-Leader bros and Iforget2 came up with a plan to get the most powerful alliances in Cybernations to war each other. Yaridovich was against this and got both bros and Iforget2 to agree with being permanently expelled from the LUE alliance. (later retracted)

Since then, Yaridovich stopped being serious in CN and reserved it for when he was talking to GATO and other alliances. He started making joke topics in the Roleplay Forum, started announcing treaties with rap lyrics and eventually used the aforementioned "Real Nigga Role Call" in a public reply to a recent war.

On the 15th of July, Yaridovich LUEicided on the CN forums causing the NPO to attack the LUEnited Nations. Despite the fact that the LUEicide itself pissed off just about everybody in Cybernations, LUE was defended by nearly every other alliance, and the CoaLUEtion is generally regarded as having won the conflict, which came to be known as the Great War. Yaridovich was banned from everything and currently spends his time listening to dragonmetal and going to high school (lol). He was the best of co-leaders, he was the worst of co-leaders.

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