The Yemen Empire was established in the late months of 2007. Emperor Mathias came to power in the area on November 18, 2007. Like all small nations, it came along at a slow pace. The Empire grew slowly for two days, then to unite his people, Emperor Mathias declared war on a foreign nation. Soon following that declaration, war was declared on another nation. Both of these nations were unaligned. The one nation was defeated and forced into anarchy. Peace was offered, but never accepted, the toppled government had little control, and the nation soon ceased to exist. However the second nation, quickly cowered under the cloak of The Order of Light, or (TOOL). Their leader then began to threaten the Yemen Empire with the might of his alliance. However, TOOL contacted Mathias, informing him that this nation was indeed ghost, and not under the protection of TOOL. The war continued for seven days, despite generous offers of peace from the Yemen Empire.

The Imperial Assault Alliance Edit

Seeing how their enemy used TOOL as a crutch to intimidate others, Mathias realized that his nation would suffer the same fate as those he attacked if he remained unaligned. He reviewed the requests he got from various alliances, and compared them to the needs of his state. After careful consideration, Mathias decided to accept the invitation from Chimaera of the Imperial Assault Alliance.

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