Purdue French radio

Public Safety Minister Yves Purdue addresses the Republic of Displaced Calvinists over Radio RCD-1

Commandant-General Yves Purdue is the Public Safety Minister of the Republic of Displaced Calvinists. He serves as the commanding officer of the Royal Republic's paramilitary police force, La Gendarmerie Nationale. Commandant-General Purdue acts as the direct assistant to King Sheldomar Bolak in governing The Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists, and is the second highest ranking member of that nation's executive branch of government.

Prior to becoming the head of Displaced Calvinists' military-police forces, Yves Purdue served as a staff officer in the French Army. As a member of the French Reformed Church, he was forced to resign his commission with the French Army and leave France when a series of anti-Huguenot laws were passed. He migrated to West Africa with several fellow French Protestant exiles and helped establish the Republic of Displaced Calvinists.

In the early days of the Royal Republic, he was most noted for his efforts to peacefully manage dissent and protest within the Republic, as well as his tireless efforts to hunt down the notorious traitor and spy Jean Bruchard-Cleuseau. Gradually, other threats, such as the attempted FIC coup, shifted Purdue's focus to more pressing matters. In later years, as his responsibilities expanded, he handed the hunt for Bruchard-Cleuseau over to DSR Intelligence Chief, Jacques-Pierre Mont-Fontainebleau. Commandant-General Purdue spearheaded the modernization of the RRDC's military by establishing a Pentagon at Fort Saint Marc, and spinning off the Royal Republican Air Corps and La Marine Nationale (Navy) into independent branches. He later successfully lobbied for the construction of a Fallout Shelter System and a national Weapons Research Complex, also headquartered at the Fort St Marc military reserve.

Commandant-General Purdue nearly lost his life three times during the Karma War, (see Karma War, Ehud Front). He barely escaped from the initial invasion wave that landed on the beaches near the city of Port Saint-Paul, and then in following days, narrowly escaped becoming a casualty in two separate nuclear attacks on Fort Saint Marc.

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