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The word Yvian comes from the abbreviation for the region of the Yellowstone Valley. It is commonly pronounced like "EE-vee-un". A less common pronunciation is "WHY-vee-un" but most Yvians find that pronunciation derogatory.

History Edit

Old Earth Edit

The history of the Yvian People begins with the advent of the Zero Virus approximately fifty years ago, Planet Bob time.

The Nation State of the Yellowstone Valley Edit

The Lexicon Region Edit


Cheif Two Hawks, the first Speaker for the People of the Yellowstone Valley

The Lost Nachiush' and Kelman Winters Edit

North Pacific and The Association Deemed Megalomaniacal In NationStates (A.D.M.I.N.) Edit

The Cyber Nation of the Yellowstone Valley Edit

Culture Edit

The Yvian culture is complex due to the nature which led to the creation of the Yvian People.

Language Edit

According to tradition, the Yvian Language originated with the culture heroes, Twin Man and Twin Woman. According to the theories of noted anthropologist, Marie Ann Traub, however, it is related to the Algonquin language family of Old Earth North America[1].

Religion Edit


References Edit

  1. Traub, Marie Ann (1 B.E.). "chæwhawh'shush':The Good Talk". Journal of Planet Bob Anthropology 2 (1), 12–15.

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