Zahir City is the capital city of the nation of Zahir. It is a sprawling urban mass thoroughly organized and well – planned and European. The most important moment in the history of Zahir City came when Queen Azra chose it as the base for her government in 2006. It was declared the capital of Zahir on June 10, 2006. The city has seen a number of changes since then but it has been successful in maintaining a fine balance between the old and the new.

There are many palm-lined promenades and avenues that stretch from the shoreline gently ascending the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Large hotels, restaurants and offices distinguish the city. Once here you can visit the large variety of interesting sites it has to offer, spend time in one of the many shopping malls, or get acquainted with its culture and lifestyles.

Nevsehir: Stretching from the waterfront inland most of the area has been transformed into a pedestrian only area. Modern buildings and plenty of restaurants and pubs line the streets.

Teos: This popular resort west of Zahir City has wonderful sandy beaches and crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Clock Tower: A symbol of the city, the clock tower is located in Zahir Square. It was built in 2006 to commemorate the independence of Zahir.

Zahir Fair: This international trade fair is the highlight of the summer season in Zahir City. There is an amusement park, aqua park and zoo located inside.

Images of Zahir CityEdit

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