The Flag of Zhiyuan Edit

Decommissioned May 2, 2006.
Current Flag

Creation Edit

Zhiyuan was created by a small group of reactionary Chinese that wished to return to the true ideals of Marxism broke off from the People's Republic of China. Located in the mountains of Western China, Zhiyuan established its capital city, Weiqiang, on April 5, 2006.

Government Edit

Initially, Zhiyuan was established with a pure Communist government, but as tensions rose with a poor population happiness, the government was ousted in a more favorable, transitional government. On April 30, 2006, the transitional government successfully established a democracy.
Foreign Policy
The transitional government publically opposes nations that are enemies of its allies and will declare war on any nation that engages in combat with its allies. The government is not researching any sort of nuclear technology at the time of this publication, but it desires to become a nuclear power in the coming years. Zhiyuan is a member of the New Pacific Order. Immigration is currently restricted. Foreign aid is provided only after the welfare of the citizens of Zhiyuan is secured. For trade information, please refer to the "Trade History" section.
Domestic Policy
The transitional government of Zhiyuan currently provides free speech and the right to openly oppose the government of Zhiyuan for its citizens. The government lightly taxes its citizens at a rate of 16%. The current aims of the government are to increase the literacy rate to the 98%-100% range. It also focuses to vastly improve the technology possessed by the nation and to create and improve current roads and to establish a higher standard of living.
Trade History
Before the Communist regime was ousted, Zhiyuan was able to establish trade relations with the nations of Molniya and Krasnya, whom the transitional government has stopped those very trade agreements. Currently, Zhiyuan is trading with the nations of Grand Line, koss, Faustus, and Talasea. Zhiyuan exports gold and marble and is currently receiving cattle, fish, gems, lumber, rubber, spices, wheat, wine. Although Zhiyuan is trading with these nations, it is actively searching for more efficient trade partners to open relations with. Both the Communist regime and the transitional government view that trade should only be open to nations of a certain distinction, of which the criteria is classified information.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Zhiyuan was admitted into the New Pacific Order on April 6, 2006.
Zhiyuan attained the Cyber Nations rank of 1337 on April 25, 2006.
Zhiyuan's official faith changed to Voodoo on May 2, 2006.

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